Pactum Factum - Dispute Resolution Associates
S. Lucia Kanter St. Amour
Mediation Fees
Sliding Scale $385 - $490/hour
1/2 Day (4 hour) Minimum
$1,000 each scheduled day cancelled without 7 days advance notice
Travel Fees & Expenses
Travel time: $150/hour after 60 miles of driving or 1 hour
Actual travel expenses
Business Class for flights over 2 hours
Mediation Policies
CONFIDENTIAL PRE-SESSION CALLS WITH COUNSEL:Before the mediation, I will telephone counsel for a phone interview. The purpose of the calls is to obtain a candid briefing about the case, to finalize the session arrangements, and to discuss any questions counsel or the parties may have.
MEDIATOR’S FEE: The hourly rate is applicable to pre-mediation preparation and telephone conferences, study and review of any written submissions, the mediation session and any post-session follow-up. The fees will be divided equally between the parties, unless notice of a different arrangement is provided in advance of the mediation session.
DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT: An advance deposit against fees is required from each party. The deposit is intended to cover the time spent on pre-session preparation, the mediation session, any follow-up necessary to finalize a settlement, travel time and travel expenses. In the event the deposit amount exceeds the total fee and expenses, the remainder will be refunded. If fees and expenses exceed the amount deposited, the parties will be billed for the difference. Additional deposits may be required if more session dates are set, or if the case will require substantially more time than originally anticipated. When the mediator’s fees are subject to allocation in a settlement agreement, the full amount due will be withdrawn from the amounts on deposit. The party entitled to reimbursement will be responsible for collecting any amounts due from the other party.
MEDIATION STATEMENTS: Please file pre-mediation statements by email, if possible. Attach any relevant pleadings, agreements, correspondence, policies, witness statements, financial calculations, expert reports, or other documents.
MEDIATION AGREEMENT: To ensure the confidentiality of the process and to formalize my relationship with the parties, a Mediation Agreement is to be signed by all participants at the outset of the session.