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"I have co-judged with Lucia at the recognized ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) in Paris and used her for guest lectures at the University of Aarhus - School of Law, Denmark. In short: Lucia is absolutely great - as a person, mediator and teacher! In detail: Lucia has such a high level of professional knowledge, skills and likeability that combined turns Lucia into one of the few that you would deeply trust in using as a mediator or teaching. Lucia has the ability to immediately capture the attendance with her straight to the point way of communicating, teaching and positive attitude."

- Mikkel Gudsoe, Chief Negotiator and Attorney, DANSK Fashion and Textile, Copenhagen, Denmark


“Lucia is a world class negotiator and teacher. She exudes warmth, focus, and creativity. She is on the short list of people I'd use myself to teach my negotiation classes and    workshops - and someone I'd trust to advise me in my own negotiations.” -         


- Prof. Clark Freshman, UC Hastings College of Law;
Director of Training, Lawyers and Negotiators,


“Lucia is a stellar mediator, teacher and coach.  She has a sophisticated understanding of the theory and practice of negotiation strategy, effective communications and legal problem-solving and deal-making. She is empathetic, attentive to the needs of parties, and skilled at developing creative solutions."         
- Anita Christine Knowlton, Founding Director of the Center for Negotiation & Dispute Resolution at UC Hastings College of the Law


“Lucia, Thank you so much for your outstanding work, your creative and cogent insights . . .The City owes you tons of gratitude and more.” 


- Janie White, EEO Programs, City and County of San Francisco - Dept. of Human Resources


"Lucia has worked with our organization since 1997 and has been instrumental in bringing innovative and practical ideas to policy, process and funding.  She is tireless - even under stress - and always gives 150%.  Her efforts deserve to be honored."


 - Joe Feldman, Executive Director, Community Alliance
"Lucia helped organize the EEOC's pilot mediation program in 1996 for the San Francisco Regional Office, which today resolves hundreds of cases through mediation each year . . .when I send members of our mediation team to  Lucia's mediation sessions, they comment on how much they learn from her."
- Michelle Nardella, Mediation Program Supervisor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, San Francisco Regional Office


"I have been recommending Professor Kanter's course to everyone I know.  The course is great and Professor Kanter is an inspiration.  I learned so much in terms of skills for both lawyering and everyday life.  It should be a requirement in law school."
- Boalt (U.C. Berkeley) Law 2012 J.D. Candidate


"Lucia was masterful at ascertaining the core of the problem and making the parties feel that they were heard and understood; she knows how to get folks at the table beyond positions and thinking productively. In short, she can teach you how to operate (in business and in life) in smarter ways."
- Susan H. Walker, Office of the General Counsel, Applied Materials


"Lucia has a way of making you feel that you are her most important client, her only client.  She genuinely engages in YOU, your team, your issues.  This trait, in addition to her aptitude and intelligence makes her so effective and sets her apart from others."
- Adriana Perez, Office of the General Cousel, Oracle Corp.

[Translated] "[Lucia] gets it. She listens, she understands what a business and its people need. She empowers people to make things better.  We learn so much wisdom from her. She clearly loves her chosen field of work."

- Lorenza Graziosi, Cartiere di Trevi, Perugia, Italy


"Lucia is the consummate professional.  She always maintains a balanced viewpoint and is able to see the way to a positive solution for all parties.   She clearly understands the processes of negotiation and mediation and consistently points the way to achieving a good outcome from that process.   Lucia is able to keep her sense of humor which makes her very effective in every situation – she knows how to diffuse tension and bring people back to solution-oriented bargaining."


- Deborah Lopez, Partner, Paragon Real Estate Group


"Professor Kanter taught my Negotiations class at UC Berkeley School of Law, and she changed my life! She is an expert at Negotiations, as she takes every opportunity that she has to practice negotiations, as she knows that even the most futile and trivial interactions are expressions of negotiations, and as she excels at them. Her passion for the topic is evident in the way she speaks and she acts. She is extremely skilled, and knows all the intricacies involved in Negotiations. Her willingness to go beyond the classroom setting demonstrated how important she knows Negotiations are for the professional and personal formation of her students. Professor Kanter was a true inspiration for me. She is an incredibly positive, smart, intelligent, confident, and kind-hearted woman.
             - UC Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall) Student, J.D. 2012
"Best Professor and best class I've had in Law School.  Run, don't walk, to Professor Kanter's course."


- UC Hastings Law Student, J.D. 2008