Pactum Factum - Dispute Resolution Associates
AB 1825 Harassment Training for Supervisors
AB 1825, which amended the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, imposes an obligation on employers with 50 or more employees (including employees outside of California) to conduct 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training for employees in supervisory roles every two years, and to document and track its compliance for each supervisor.  The training must be interactive in nature and be completed within 6 months of an employee filling a supervisory role.
Pactum Factum is a Qualified Trainer under AB 1825 to conduct such trainings, and we do so in an interesting environment that brings the material alive and is meaningful to its participants.
Corporate and Law Firm Negotiation and Communication Training
We deliver a variety of programs, including ½ day, 1 full day,  2-day or even 1-week workshops encompassing the following topics: 
  • Communication        
  • Game Theory and Bidding Strategy        
  • Representation        
  • Questioning    
  • Listening (*our most popular 1/2 day training for managers in a variety of fields including engineering, law, retail, accounting; and customer service groups*)        
  • Planning:assessing leverage, interests, standards        
  • Distributive Bargaining        
  • Integrative Bargaining        
  • Gathering and managing information        
  • Team Work        
  • Conflict Styles        
  • Neuroscience and Negotiation        
  • Micro-expression, Emotion and Lie Detection
(Attorney-participants may receive CLE credit).