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Pactum Factum - Dispute Resolution Associates
About the "Brainbow" Image:
A Harvard research team, headed by Jeff Lichtman, has duplicated the way that a television monitor uses varying amounts of just three colors (red, blue, green) to produce a huge array of resultant hues. They have applied this technique in the brain using fluorescent cyan, yellow, and red pigments--varying amounts of which can produce 90 possible color combinations to label individual neurons. Through genetic recombination, pigment-expressing genes are inserted into the genomes of developing mice. The result is the "Brainbow” mouse, whose individual neurons express the three pigments in a random pattern making it quite useful for tracing and visualizing them in later experiments.   These images, in addition to being scientifically informative, are elegant and aesthetically beautiful.
The compartmentalization of art and science is a rather arbitrary one. Ages ago, educated people were often artists AND scientists (like Leonardo di Vinci) and the pursuit of knowledge and fact fed into their desire to understand aesthetic beauty and the creative process.
At Pactum Factum, part of our mission is to use science, the law and mindfulness to support the art of a dispute resolution process that can result in an outcome that is elegant, durable, creative and practical.